Call for papers

The conference “Food and Internet” is a project which is multi-disciplinary in character. The idea is to focus on a new vision of culinary culture in the light of the unprecedented and dynamic development of communication and information technologies. Because of a cultural virtualisation process, the aim of conference is to enlarge research approaches as well as to follow changes in modern culinary culture at local and global levels.
Therefore, we welcome papers which will discuss the role of the Internet on food and nutrition in modern culture, especially regarding the following issues:

  1. The influence of the Internet with regard to access to a wider base of information about food sources, production, distribution and consumption;
  2. The influence of Internet information about food influencing consumer health and welfare: about matters relating to food safety, hygiene, contaminants, health risks due to toxic food compounds and packing, on the one hand, while promoting a healthy lifestyle, and dietary strategies versus indiscriminate eating and food disorders, on the other;
  3. Understanding food values: Environmental food ethics, food aesthetics, social attitudes and behaviours, economic trade-off and so on;
  4. The pros and cons of local, traditional food, and self-sufficiency versus international food;
  5. Consumer communication, information and insights, as regards modern foodways, food habits, food trends and fashions, gastronomy, food tourism, eating events, food myths, cooking stories, and so on;
  6. Food education  (through one’s lifetime) and a culinary knowledge base.

On behalf of the Scientific Committee

Professor Dr. Patricia Lysaght (President)

Submission of abstracts:
Participants who would like to actively participate in the conference, are requested to submit an abstract or panel proposal for review by the Scientific Committee.

Submission guidelines:

  1. Download the form for the abstract from our website
  2. Abstracts must be submitted in English. Format RTF (Rich Text Format)
  3. Titles should be entered in the “Title Field” (not as a part of the abstract).
  4. Abstract text should be entered in the “Abstract Text Field” and should contain no more than 300 words according to the presentation form. Please use single spacing with no extra space between paragraphs. Do not leave blank lines.
  5. Author’s names and institution should be entered in the appropriate fields. The following data is required – name of the institution, city and country.
  6. We kindly ask participant to prepare a short presentation of themselves (short biographical note up to 5 lines)
  7. All abstracts must be submitted by 01.02.2014
  8. Participants who wish to be panel conveners should sent their proposal by 01.02.2014
  9. The submitting author will receive an email message confirming the receipt of the abstract.
  10. Please submit your abstract form by e-mail to: